Available courses

This is a study of Edith Hamilton's Mythology.  Emphasis is on classical vocabulary and comprehension.

Presentation, Performance and Public Speaking Skills
Includes a seminar, online course component and ongoing workshop

This is the client administrative area where clients can manage appointments, find forms and account information.  There is also a forum for general questions and communicating with peers.

Basic computer and internet usage.  This is required knowledge and skill, so if you cannot pass the test, you need to do this course before you can take any other Native Courses.

This is the foundational aromatherapy course and a prerequisite for all other courses.  This course covers fundamentals, history, uses, how to use, safely, contraindications, bases and blending techniques.  This is a comprehensive course in aromatherapy.  A kit of 12 more commonly used therapeutic quality essential oils is included in an attractive wooden chest along with bottles, base sand materials for so you can get started creating your own blends and using aromatherapy in your home.